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Man's best friend is said to be a dog.Therefore jewelry is a woman's best friend for the same reasons. Part fashion, art, and personal expression, jewelry is one of the most popular ways for women to accessorize their outfits on a daily basis. Like our preferences for movies, fashion, and food, one's taste in jewelry is a truly personal experience. Some women prefer dramatic statement pieces that standout. For example, a thick, coiling gold chain with an emerald serpents head might be considered the epitome of a conversation piece. Other women prefer to find jewelry that is less flashy, like small pearl studs or a fine silver necklace.

Some financially blessed women like to splurge on jewelry and will only purchase sterling silver, 14-karat gold, clear-cut diamonds, and precious gems from expensive jewelers. Other women like to buy inexpensive jewelry from large fashion retailers, such as H&M, so that they can have a variety of delicate bangles and thick cuffs, dangly earrings and delicate studs, chunky, multi-layered chains or dainty pearls, rather than just having a few statement pieces that cost them a month's worth of rent or daycare.

While jewelry is a form of individualism – for the artist who created it and for the woman who wears it – some pieces can also have sentimental value. A pair of opal earrings that your great grandmother wore everyday of her adult life, your grandmother's antique diamond wedding ring, or your father's gold watch all possess a unique and cherished history. Apart from being finely crafted pieces of jewelry, they are heirlooms that mean something to you and other members of your family. Wearing the jewelry of a loved one who is no longer with us (either everyday or on special occasions) is a wonderful way to remember and honor the individual. The piece itself might not reflect your own personal taste – maybe it's white gold and you prefer yellow – but you can bet you'll be the only woman at the cocktail party or work event with such a unique timepiece or vintage necklace. If you're man who is thinking of buying your girlfriend or wife a piece of jewelry, make sure you do some research on her personal style (if it's not entirely clear to you) before you drop a month's worth of salary on a platinum diamond ring or an emerald necklace. You'll both be grateful for the informed purchase.

You're probably scratching your head wondering how you'll do this so-called research to determine whether your sweetheart's jewelry “personality” is classic, funky, edgy, vintage, or flirty. If you're totally clueless, you can solicit her friends' advice, but the best thing to do is start with her clothing. If she likes tailored, preppy clothing in muted/pastel shades, then she probably likes pretty, no-fuss jewelry, like pearl studs, a silver charm bracelet, or single-chain necklaces with a stone or trinket. If she wears lots of bright colors and likes to mix-and-match patterns and silhouettes, then she'll probably appreciate some funky, handmade jewelry with lots of different-colored stones and intricate detailing. If she has an asymmetrical hair do with purple streaks and likes to strut her stuff in Doc Martins, then she'd probably opt for chunky, edgy jewelry that is as unique as she is. Is she constantly scouring vintage clothing stores for stylish, pre-owned bargains? If so, then she'll probably like jewelry that has a lot of muted gold, pretty jewels, pearls, and lockets. If she's a heels-and-skirt kind of gal, then she probably loves big hoop earrings, costume jewelry rings and necklaces, and a stack of skinny bangles on her wrists that jingle when she moves.

If you're a woman whose husband has said that he'd like to buy you jewelry, but feels overwhelmed every time he steps into a jewelry store, you might want to offer him a little help. If you're flipping through a magazine or watching a movie and you see a gorgeous ruby ring or a sleek diamond cuff bracelet, point it out to him and tell him that you like it. Beyond that, tell him why you like it – is it the round shape of the stone? The rich burgundy color? The width of the cuff? Or the sparkle from the perfect diamonds? The more detail you can provide him, the better he'll be able to understand why one ring or bracelet appeals to you and why another one doesn't and find you jewelry that suits your needs.

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