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Being successful and taking care of business is a lot more than the money you earn, the size of your car and how hot your wife is. Those merits are only a result of hard work, a good attitude and one's ability to take care of business. The rewards of success go beyond financial rewards. Women absolutely LOVE "established men".


Any top shot— i.e. CEO, President, Head, and Executive—will tell you that no one becomes successful without paying their dues and making sacrifices, taking calculated risks, and reaping rewards. Another key to getting to the top, is dedication. If you're driven from the second you start something and always give it your best, then you're on the right track. One other key to winning the battle is maintaining relationships with people who have a lot ot offer you, as well as people who you have a lot to offer to. One example of turning struggles into success is, Jim (whose real name and details have been changed). Jim was an all-American gentleman from a poor family that could not afford to put him through college. So what did he do to take care of business? He started working as a teller in a bank (in New York City) at the age of eighteen and worked as much overtime as possible to show the company his passion and dedication. They ended up putting him through school on their own dime and after a few years, he was already well on his way to climbing the “success” ladder. After working for a few years as a teller and a few more as a systems administrator, he completed school and was promoted to Head of Internet Security for the bank. Several other competitors tried to lure him away from the bank to help their businesses become more successful. Jim decided to move to California, where he bought a house, a luxury car and whatever else he needed to feel comfortable, with all of the money he was making from his new found career. He is now extremely successful, but that is because of dedication and his willingness to work as hard and smart as possible.


The story above is just one of countless examples of men whose dedication helped them become successful. The word wunderkind is often associated with the likes of Mozart, Yo-Yo Ma and Michael Jackson types as they're known from being successful at a very young age. Though these 'successful' kids make many people jealous because of their 'instant' success. Some people spend their whole lives trying to become successful, while others are given a handout. Some can be measured somewhat by their early onset abilities, it can be a lack of dedication and failure to use "taking care of business" skills which could jeopardize their positions. If they keep the latter intact, then there's no telling how far or successful the wunderkinds will become. Many times, money and power go hand in hand, but money and success do not come without responsibility. You have to be responsible with your money, power, and position. It is not limited to finanical means. Some people miss being successful by taking a gamble and failing. Did you invest in Apple in 1998 before the boom? I wish I had.


To be fair, I've been fairly vague as to specifics as a whole because it's more about individuality, and experiencing it than reading about it. They are two completely different anomalies. One can know all about it through reading about it, knowing people and seeing it but to experience true success, is indescribable. When you work to be successful, you don't even know it happens when it does. It sneaks up on you and you realize what you've worked for has succeeded and the result is gratifying. However, there's always the people who strive and are driven to become successful, which can be a downfall for many because they can let the success go to their head, thus making bad and poorly thought out decisions. You can read about too many people who've jumped the gun and lost millions as a result of poor investments, ridiculous transactions and careless spending. Don't even ask me about ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes and how they have destroyed the business world's reputation. Countless people seek success and rewards by taking big risks but this kind of success is not as gratifying as the kind obtained through hardwork.


Anyway, in short, remember that hard work is one of the many important steps to reaching the pinnacle of success. Never quit or give up.

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