So you wanna be a sugar baby? Are you looking to find a sugar daddy to date?

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Maybe you need financial assistance. Maybe you're working out some daddy issues. Maybe you're sincerely interested in pursuing a loving, long-term relationship with an older man who truly understands your needs in a way that your immature peers can't comprehend. Maybe you're behind on your car payment.


Whatever the reason, becoming a sugar baby isn't as sordid or uncommon as you may think. Just look at guys like (35 year difference) Doug Hutchison married to Courtney Alexis Stodden or (39 year difference) James Woods with "Ashley Madison". These "uncommon" kinds of relationships are becoming more visible - and more socially accepted - by the day.


The men are out there. You're interested in what they have to offer. But maybe you still need a little reassurance. The sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship is one of mutually beneficial reciprocity. The sugar baby offers companionship, and in return the sugar daddy compensates them - financially or otherwise. It doesn't have to be about sex. It doesn't even have to be about love. It can be an easy, convenient way to connect with another human being in a way that satisfies both your needs. For sugar babies, older men can provide support, security, and more sophisticated company than they might find among their own age. Girls have always matured faster than guys, leaving them to flounder in a sea of frat boys and bongs. Young couples are often full of insecurities and incompatibilities when both parties have different expectations.


Sugar babies, on the other hand, are listened to. They're provided for. An older man has already been around the block and knows what he wants, so there's less confusion when it comes to what both people stand to gain from the relationship. By becoming a sugar baby, you can evolve beyond the mediocre - you shouldn't have to settle for someone emotionally or intellectually beneath you just because you're in the same age bracket. A sugar daddy is basically *more*. More mature, more interesting, more self-aware. He'll be smarter. Wealthier. And most importantly, he'll know what he's looking for in a partner. When you're chosen as a sugar baby, you'll know it's because you're already compatible with his needs. You'll be more than just a warm body at a bar. You'll be *wanted*. After all, he's paying for the privilege to know you.


On the flip side, there are plenty of legitimate reasons sugar daddies enjoy the company of younger women. It's a common misconception that sugar daddies are only looking for sex - browse any type of 'niche or uncommon' dating website and you'll see that often, sex (oral or other) is a bonus, not a requirement. Most sugar daddies are only looking for company and companionship. They're searching for the right girl, one compatible with themselves. If anyone would do, they could just seduce someone their own age. What sugar daddies are really after is a genuine *connection*.


Some want a partner who can look past their age. Some want a young person who isn't yet jaded by decades of living, working, struggling, etc. Some are simply lonely. Like sugar babies, sugar daddies are often disconnected from their age group - most older women have already settled down, or their lives already have priorities (kids, careers) that don't suit the dating scene. Many sugar daddies feel younger than they are, and are looking for someone who can enjoy their favorite things the same way they do. Travel, for example, or an active nightlife. You won't find many grandmas partying it up in Las Vegas, so for the sixty year old bachelor who still loves the slots, younger women are the most suitable company he can find.


Many sugar daddies also confess to having a fun, indulgent side. If they have money, they want to spend it. Financial compensation from a sugar daddy is less "money on the nightstand" and more in the flavors of jewelry, clothing, and personal gifts. They get satisfaction from being able to protect and provide. (Don't rule out things like bill payment, though. Sugar daddies will understand that you're still a young person with needs. A *good* sugar daddy will take care of you.) Still not convinced? Maybe you're worried about your looks or your age. Don't be. It doesn't matter if you're a ripe sugar plum or a vintage wine - for every Tania Raymonde snuggling up to a Jeff Goldblum (35 year age gap), or Melania Knauss and Donald Trump (24 year gap), there is another young beautiful woman looking for a man like you. Appearances are secondary to compatibility. If you're honestly interested in finding an older, well-established sugar daddy, there's a man out there who can provide what you need. You just have to be open to the possibilities. You have to find them. Trust us - they'll be looking for you too. Finding a sugar daddy or an escort to date is just a few clicks away. SIGN UP NOW!


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